Geese – Goose Eggs & Goslings

Goose Eggs

Goose eggs are very special. Apart from being large,they are very creamy with a similar flavour to a chicken egg. Geese normally lay from February to May [sometimes longer]. All of our eggs are fresh and can be posted to you on next day delivery. Email or phone 01608 684 246 to order.

geese geese

Geese & Goslings

We are hatching goslings this year. We will hand rear them for two months until they are fully feathered. Geese are best in a gaggle i.e. over four for them to be content. They are grazers and need only a small amount of grain to supplement their diet. They do need water. If you have a pond or larger amount of water, you will have very happy birds. They will become great friends if you want them to be. If you decide to have goslings, it would be better if you could collect. All enquiries phone 01608 684 246 or email

geese geese